Heracore n Co - Et cetera - Parfum D'Intérieur - Room Spray

Heracode n Co - Et cetera - Parfum D'Intérieur - Room Spray

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Et cetera – a cleansing, uplifting fragrance blend

Freshen any space with our concentrated Parfum d'intérieur room spray made using only natural perfume grade fragrance oil isolates.

Green, woody top accords of white sage and fir combine with citrusy bergamot and fresh verbena lemon, anchored by an exotic amber base accord.

White sage is known for clearing negative energy in spaces.

Top accords - white sage, fir

Middle accords - bergamot, verbena lemon

Base accord - amber

125ml - concentrate - a couple of sprays will leave a lasting impression over a few days.

As this product is alcohol-based and is made of natural fragrance oils, it is also safe to use on the skin as a perfume. We recommend spritzing in the air and walking through the mist.

Handmade in Sydney, Australia

Brand: Heracode n Co